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The real rebirth?_
by incognite426_ 7-25-02_
Well I said that the re-birth had begun, but I felt something was missing. I realized that it was too "cold". It didn't have feeling. Zoids is not just about the Zoids themselves. It's also about their pilots, the warriors. So I changed the layout and some things here and there and the result is a much better website. I hope you all like it. Of course this means that I have to re-re-upload everything. And as a result some things aren't up yet. Moving on to more positive news; you will notice that I have added some new sections with more to come, specially a very special one known so far as OP Spiders. I'll let you know what it is very soon. But I'm not telling! hahahahaha. Seriously though, let's just say that it deals with something that starts with an S. That's it for now, and remember to visit on July 31_

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